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Eric Caudal 寰享网络科技CEO

Elico Corporation

➢  Odoo Gold Partner in Shanghai - China ➢  Best Partner APAC 2014 and 2016 ➢  Nominated Best Partner APAC 2013, 2015, 2017

➢  Local developer team (Python, jscript, PHP etc) ➢  Multi-cultural Business Consultants

➢  Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistic and Trading ➢  Accounting in multi-company environment ➢

Eric Caudal, Founder and CEO 1996-2007: top manager positions in Supply Chain for world leading companies (McCain, Panavi)

2008: settled down in China

Since 2009: founded Elico Corp in Shanghai to implement Odoo ERP for MNC (Suez, APEM, Geely, …) and local businesses.

Since 2014: Dedicated to the open source community, he is active Board member of the Odoo Community Association.

Odoo Community Association A non profit organization to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

What is the Odoo Community Association?

Funded in 2013 by Odoo partners all over the world, willing to organize the community and safeguard the open source spirit of Odoo.

A non profit organization to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

Numbers ➢  250 paying Members. ➢  100 active Contributors in Github ➢  4200 commits in 2016 ➢  1900 Modules for 8 versions ➢  15% of all contributions in apps store ➢  Last Experience days: 16 talks out of 162 ➢  150 repositories in Github ➢  40 localization, 15 vertical solutions ➢  2 runbot servers (32 cores, 256 Gb: 600 concurrent tests) ➢  Annual Budget: 60K€. ➢  Sponsors in 2017: 70K€

OCA modules  Fully functional Finance application  Odoo-connector (Magento, Prestashop, DNS, intercompany)  Service related vertical solutions (Business Requirements, Agile, scrums)  Localizations (China, Taiwan, Europe, ALAT)  Vertical solutions: hotel, medical, GNO, Farm, etc  Easy-to-use financial reports (“MIS Builder”)  Barcoding and MRP solutions (Demand Driven)  OpenUpgrade: Full migration scripts to v10  Mobile responsive, ecommerce improvements  Maintainers tools (Runbot, Docker, Pypi)

OCA Targets for a Value Proposition

“Customers” Key users and decision makers at organizations using Odoo for their business.

“Developers” Technical people implementing Odoo applications.

“Business Experts” Functional and technical experts using Odoo to provide business solutions

“Integrators” Decision makers in companies providing Odoo services for customers

“Developers”: Faster, better

➢  Work faster, reusing and extending existing OCA code to fulfill your assignments. ➢  Work better, taking advantage of the OCA code quality tools and best practices. ➢  Learn with the best, through the expert reviews of your code, and by reviewing the code from others. ➢  Build your reputation as an Odoo developer, making yourself a valued professional.

“Business Experts”: leaner, reputed ➢Reuse solutions for common problems, already solved by other experts. ➢Design new features and solutions with the collaboration of a community of experts from all the world. ➢Build your reputation as an Odoo expert, making yourself a valued professional.

“Integrators”: Solider, Quicker ➢Lower implementation time and costs, using the Odoo features provided by the OCA. ➢Better solution design, by tapping on the experience and expertise of the OCA contributors. ➢Find partners to implement the features you need. ➢Increase visibility of my products and services. ➢Leverage a global community to internationalize your work and services.

“Customers”: Cheaper, Stabler, Freer ➢Lower implementation and maintenance costs, using the Odoo features provided by the OCA and the cooperative maintenance made by community. ➢Have available a broad and coherent set of quality apps, peer reviewed and tested to work together. ➢Avoid integrator lock-in, benefiting from open source shared code that uses clear coding standards, easier to be supported by other parties.

Becoming a relevant partner for Odoo SA

In 2014: Odoo considers the OCA a “syndicate” with bad influence (license change)

In 2017: in his keynotes, Fabien Pinckaers has named the OCA multiple times OCA as a reference for addons repository with a live demo.

Growing the contributor

Opportunities: ➢ Only Odoo entity that ensure public quality coding guidelines and standards ➢ Even Odoo recognizes the added-value of our modules within strategy ➢ Clean, stable: OCA modules just work! and the community knows it

Challenges: ➢ Contributors on-boarding too steep: high quality requirements scary ➢ Functional documentation is scarce ➢ Lack of visibility in the community

Consolidating the leadership in the Odoo eco-system: ➢ A new release process with 2 level of quality: beta and stable ➢ Reorganize Github in smaller repositories easier to maintain ➢ Contributors to become fully responsible of their repo ➢ A distribution of OCA modules is under design ➢ OCA apps store soon to  be launched to increase organization visibility

Eric Caudal
17 十一月, 2019
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